„I remember and remind again“

„R. once said that when she grew up she was scared of the idea of god. me too sometimes. but we don´t have to be afraid. god is an energy field of acceptance and love. it´s the highest intelligence and the highest form of hope. hope means „I am willing to take a risk and live this life for myself and share and learn to set my own boundaries, live my life to my own fullest potential and this not a competition (again).“ 

„you just have to get help if you are in need of it or talk about it with people. I offered you help. now I was the victim and no one opened the door. maybe its´s meant for me. so I learn my lesson bigger than ever. I want to become an independent woman who is not in need of „fake love“.

„what is a star ? is it someone who has more than you? no. we are all on the same page. your garden is not better than mine. my inner garden is hurt and I am emotionally empty right now. And I make sure I am going to return to myself again and again and again.“


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