„big poets“

„if I become more honest, I disrespect people they say. I am not disrespectful for no reason. they wanted me to change the words and change the stories. but why? I am screaming in a empty house to make sure the neighbor are listening. my emotions have been misunderstood and judged for a long time. I told you I am an artist, in and out. why is this so irritating to you? If I change my words. No one is constantly happy. No one is constant the same. I am sharing. I am talking. I am witting. I am not your enemy. We are all experiencing different stories, ways, lives, processes. We all. How can you forgot that „artists are struggling because of money issues. trust issues. past traumata’s. all you have done to me, did already happen to you. I am not looking at myself as a victim. I won´t. I am still fighting for humanity. I am willing to let go of all again. You wanted to buy me. You can not buy me.“ 

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