„new awakenings.“


„to remind me that my work is necessary. to remind me that my work is speaking to all of us. to remind me that my will is good. to remind me that my work is inspiring. not used as a fuck and hate platform. but people choose not I. and I am not having sex with berlin fuckers. suck my dick. I thought we have been friends for such a long time? choose. are you still judging me? do you want to call me a „whore now for being myself?“ 

like Madonna was judged as a „whore? a bitch, a white bitch ? a slut?“

after Aaliyah died the called her „Angel“

after Whitney Houston died they called her „the worse for taking and using drugs.“

she was in need of trustful relationships.

like everyone of us.

like everyone that is experiencing this instagram era.

„we only find love in ourselves and in real life. real life is family and friends. and old values. please do not forgot who you are and where you came from. we are proud of our roots. we have no time to feel ashamed for our hairy bodies, for our fat asses, for our thick hair, for our tits and punanas, we are not in need of likes we are in need of „returning to love“ and love means „acceptance for what is right now.“ 

„if I am scared, I return to love. to acceptance and say „I love you I love you I love you.“ so my energy field is changing. I think this is really necessary if you don’t want to become a panic attack sometimes.“ (yeah I am sarcastic hehe) don´t be scared of your own feelings. stop judging and you start healing.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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