„poets don´t take themselves to serious but speak for humanity if necessary.“

an intelligent person would say „she is a preacher and a teacher and a great listener and a great mentor.“

„a young person would say „she is in need of attention. this bitch. but that´s not the case here.“

„an intelligent person would say „she is more than a woman“

„an scared person would say „i won´t tell her ever, because she might won´t stay or say after she is something better.“

we are all queens. i tell people if mean it. i don´t keep my words to myself. if i say „she is not drama right now. i mean look at „that guy whi hit her in her face.“ „she is not afraid to speak up and show that she has own boundaries.“

„just see and listen in real life.“ 

„a display is a display. still. a star seems like an illusion. but a star is light.“

„a lover is a lover. a mother is a mother having her own battles and mind wars. a teacher is having his own struggles while teaching kids. a kanak has to find out how to survive as a black american has to find out, too… to survive in a white world. as everyone maybe would say „i did not have the youth i wanted. but i can learn to speak about it.“

„i have been jugded.“

„ya but you seem more german.“

„let´s say universal.“

„let´s say fucked and fucked anyway. cause this is liberating. lol.“


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