„sending you back to you.“

„i love your hair. because it´s different. i love the way you speak and your jokes are really funny.“

„i love the way you sip on the beer.“

„i love the way you sit and just feel comfurtable.“

„i love the way we met the really first time.“

„i love the way we used to run drunk and sit in a cap and just live our lives.“

„what happened bitch?“

„i love the fact that she was waiting for me in the kitchen acting not really interested. but waiting for me to tell her stories. she was to proud to say it. she was here, i was here, we forgot that we both have been afraid to let go of each other. because we knew it´s time.“

„sometimes it´s time to close 1 door. so new things are coming our ways. and it can get dramatic as fuck.“

„come on hit me.“

„i won´t. i won´t.“

„give me my phone.“

„no it´s mine now. are you materialistic huh?“

„are you broke. yeah.“

„you feel it. you feel it. you are going to know when it´s time to move on. i told you, i am here. you choose if you want drama or healing. you choose with me. and i got to protect my soul. enough fights. enough drama. enough empty talks. enough paranoia. enough differences. enough promises. enough time. we gave each other 5 years. enough time to grow up and become responsible. enough time to rethink. enough time to change. enough time to choose. enough time to talk and become honest.“ 


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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