„(for now)“

based on love and based on acceptance I say: „accept it as it is right now.“ 

I know that mostly men feel under pressure sometimes and I say: choose the perspective of love again and acceptance is leading you to a calm peaceful state. I do the same. If I can not control a situation : I just let it go. It´s not in my power to decide right now. I can only remind others and myself if I am charged. I am re-charged atm.“

„it is how it is right now. for you it´s meant to be like this right now. for me it´s meant to be like this right now.“ (out of a calm acceptance. out of a peaceful acceptance. out of a spiritual acceptance.)

I really took my time off to reload and sometimes I have blockades and it´s okay. writing means : trust. and there is a time for us to write and a time for us to reload. (everyone is in another chapter. me personal : I am re-loaded atm I feel calm right now, I feel sure right now, I trust right now.  (Please don´t worry, it does not lead you to a solution. you might worry and won´t find the answer for now. time will.)

For a reason (and I believe in acceptance and in god) I say: I know what I do. I know that patience and believing in good – goes hand by hand. If I change my decisions intuitive – than out of personal reasons. I am allowed to decide : new, new, new. 

„i wanna be honest again: there are different ways to write and I am not afraid to be skillful anymore. i am willing to let go of old fears again. old fear is not leading me to „a peaceful direction.“ my decisions are based on love and acceptance right now.“

„I feel and see and know that this instagram generation is looking for advices. if you are stressed atm : let go of control.“

„if you are tired sleep. if you are under pressure – accept and let go. accept as good as possible. if you are mad – let go of control. if you are aggressive ask yourself : why am I aggressive? am I talking to people who are not able to understand what I am saying? right now? then leave the room for a while. time will show.“

„I accept it as it is right now. Let go of old. I focus on a peaceful future. I trust right now.“ 

(out of acceptance and commitment)

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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