black sheeps, black panthers and black mambas, black hearts, shiny souls, sweet creativity – left handed.

yesterday I walked down the street and felt free.

yesterday I stopped thinking about my past.

yesterday I stopped thinking about time.

gave a homeless person 2 Euro.

continued frustrated.



repeated the words „still grateful in my head.“

I feel lost I feel free.

yesterday I followed my heart.

today the doc asked me : if I am an artist and I said „yes“

yesterday I called my sister.

today she called me back.

yesterday I called my dad.

and he called me back.

yesterday I yelled in phones.

sometimes I laugh about it cause I cannot find the right words.

like a real psycho.

today I return to myself.

thank god for your sound.

thank god for your music.

thank god for you understanding.

thank god for you pussy power.

thank god for nature.

thank god for new feminists.

who understand the meaning

of better

show up

talk louder

do not regret

forgive yourself

who understand the fight of equality.


thank god for new babies.

thank god for awakening ladies.

thank god for awakening men.

thank god for sunshine.

for blue skies.

tears in my eyes.

thank god for lyrics.

thank god for prayers.

thank god you passed my way

that day.

that night.

forgive me if I was not right.

I remember you telling me „I work at this theater“ and I told you „stop wasting your time. I remember you have been visiting me on this lil gallery when I felt like failing hard.

you came in and reminded me

„so poetic.“

„from soul to soul.“

„hey don´t worry. you are on your way. I remember us talking about old themes. I remember you shining and smiling. smiling showing your big teeth. don’t touch my knee. you made me laugh. you remember ? you made me laugh, I made you think.“

I will return and home is where we feel connected and free and inspired and home is where we feel blessed and home is where we feel safe. home is where we feel grounded and home is a dream, home is beach, home is jazz, home is binz. home is cohesion. home is reflexion. home is a good laughter. home is salty. home is basic. home is simple. home is love. home is the power of expression. home is freedom. home is safety. home is the sound of guitar.

they say it`s a psychosis.

they say I was right and I am bi-polar.


they said „we are happy to have you here.“

they asked about my art work

I answered „do I have to talk about it?“


they say I am manic depressive.

they say trust in this.

I do.

it is true?

i sat down with strangers in the evening.

after another phone call.

asked them for Tabaco.

payed for my own beer.

saw an homeless person smiling.

I said „yo – he is singing too“

2 beer.

not more.

started listening and reading slogans on windows.

we are connected.

continued my way and returned to a place I used to hate and used to forgive all over and all over again.

cloudy minds. blue skies. thick hair. new sounds. universal frequencies. instrumental beats. flying hearts. shining eyes. tired eyes.

s. : 

this bird.

this bird.

this bird.

(greater than great)

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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