Draußen regnet es… die Fenste sind weit offen und ich beginne mit ….

Feelin`Oh Oh



Feelin`this Feelin`

I like this

I am feelin`this

Likin` that



That Oh Oh

Yesterday you called

We talked

On the Phone

You seemed like tryin`

We keep on movin`




We keep it natural

Like super natural

accurate, masterful, basketful

fast and shuffle

fast circle, writin` through skills

master and yun

disaster fund

(check this out)

breath in, breath out

blood in, blood out

unnatural, impractical



get up and do your stuff

get up and do your stuff

i am writing

i am feelin`disconected

insecure and stupid

who am I ?

after all

who am I ?


who are you?

after all

get up and do your stuff

you don`t even know what is the day today

but get up and do your stuff

after all, after full

master a



last vision

progress and process

connecting the dots and praying for higher levels

for ideas

for forgiveness

for inner changes

for freedom

i focus on paintings

writings and poems

lyrics and rhymes

uncontroled, fragile and wild

i speak with you

you speak and listen, too

we are connected

you are lost, too

aren´t you?

you are fine, too

you are free, too

you are scared, too

you are loved, too

you are wise, too

you are

like a bird

lost in the waste

in the boondocks

you are

like a bird

lost in the wilderness

you are

like a bird

wild, fragile, scared and free.

you are

like a bird.