meeting maria.

„your memory is amazing btw, remembering that…“

„really good in remembering details…felt empathy for you“

„have fun, whatever you are up to, enjoy it.“

„sitting on the floor, listening to Lebanon Hanover…“

„Can I ask you a question actually before I go? that might come across, triggering a bit, but by all means it is not, or at least not in a negative way… are you pruposely leaving reality or are you escaping it?“

„You can ask me anything. I am aware of reality and bored of it. I am not escaping , I am building and creating bridges.. to overcome …entertain myself and others.. I am an truely aware person…high concentrated whenever I want…able to change..  into the artist that is showing up in my mind … as a vision .. if necessary even play with the role, act …

use the reality more as … information … experience… Jist able to tranform it …

into something. something aesthetic. able to look at it and remind myself and others…“

„I see. So you doing it purposely or even more then that. wow. very interesting. never had anyone express it so clearly. excited to discuss that more deeply when i see you.“

„You can always ask me anything.“

„Isn´t intution a feeling, too?“


„What is it then?“

„Intuition is some inner voice that is leading you to action. to a higher awareness… it is a deeper knowledge or higher wisdom. let me call it the language of the soul.“

„I am very happy we met, Christina.“

„I am to drunk to talk, that´s why I am continuing writing instead … If I was my truely self… people would easily feel offended … I am really eccentric .. I am choosing another stage… another platform… another tool … wanna share the language of my soul. my soul is loud, confronting, challenging, strong, ..women say I seem manly or androgyn.  my soul has no gender. people say I am crazy, expressive, emotional and provocative. I am aware of it. And it´s ok.“

„I`ll tell you also, your knowledge and wisdom is something I needed.“

„Your father is the reason we met.“

„He is. I feel it in my bones.“

„This is intuition.“

„Everything you just said confirmed it.“

„Your body and soul is reacting to truth.“

„You are powerful… so I am.“

„What did you feel?“

„Energy. Freedom. Home. Love. Forgiveness. Guidance. Safety. Infinity.“

„You moved a lot in me.“

„You know I`ll be honest right now.. my soul and I a dodding a head, I can´t express it. You filled me up with excitement. It´s like being in a cage.. more accurately in a desert… locked… to a battery“

„This cage is necessary u are learning something atm. You are leading … and people even trust in you. You are responsible and that is necessary … you know how powerful this is… even if they don´t tell you right now… “

„Can´t thank you enough. One of the most beautiful things that happend to me since he is gone.“

„You are going to be succesful in either way. Because of the expectations of yourself. He made sure we met.“

„We are going to share more soon“.

„Thank you for this raw honesty.“


Berlin, 24th of June 2020

Christina Dimitra


ft. Georg.e.

Diese Schreibblockade hält schon lang an.

Ich versuche es dennoch.

Gestern Abend saß ich in meiner Lieblingskneipe in Mitte und wartete auf George.

Kritzelte so vor mich hin und …

Was uns verbindet?


Er ist manchmal so trocken und haut die Witze so selbstverständlich raus.

Durch die Nacht 016.jpg