(heroic journey)-(unknown path)

 I am here to experience, to understand, to express it and to know and remember the truth, timeless as it is.

I give my best to transform my honest feelings into images, to find the right words, bring `em on paper, able to remind us and reflect partadox, conflicting, contrasting nature of human.

We all seem connected in a invisible way.

Most of us are emotionally disconnected with themselves.

The Ego would ask you“What do I want, what can I get, what do I need?“

No matter how far you get, how rich or how popular you´ll become, you´ll only find peace, wisdom and love within your self.

Turn it around , what are you willing to give ?

Are you able to discover yourself? Are you able to confront yourself with you inner fears? Are you able to kill your own demons? Are you able to get rid of your own fears?

That´s how the real adventrue begins.

We are all seeking for an unknown place.

Is it freedom, is it peace, is it wealth?

I won´t work for the system.

But try to use it, to serve humanity instead.

I put god first.

I choose adventure.

I´ve deleted old plans.