exploring mind(s).

„everything can be changed for the better. every behavior and every action starts with a thought. negative as positive. train your mind , don´t be afraid to ask and your life will change and feel better.“

if you want to look at yourself as the victim of society – don´t continue reading.

you might want to feel lower than others so don´t waste your time on reading this:

questions i keep asking myself: 

is this thought helping me? 

is this thought hurting me? 

is this thought getting me closer to where i wanna go? 

is this thought stressing me? 

is this thought really true? 

how can i know that this thought is true? 

do i want to stop thinking this thought? 

am i ready to let this thought about myself / about life / about others / about my past / about my future go? 

am i willing to stay aware of my thoughts so i can get rid of negative interpretations that does not serve me or others anymore.“

do i want a change?

am i willing to become a peaceful thinker?

an open minded person?

am i willing to work on myself so i can help myself and serve others.

am i willing to become someone who see´s the truth.

experiences the truth and am i willing to become a joyful person?

someone without negative interpretations?

am i able to become aware of my own thoughts? 

and take responsibly for my own daily actions?

and the answer is :

oh yeah.