sick, bi polar, new psychosis, schizophrenia and artistic mess. still healing. (I wanna be remembered as a strong minded woman.)

HEAVENRAIN BOW 2mehr kontrastPAINTINGSBETTER DAYAABELIEVEDPERFEKT DEFEKT 1DEFEKTChristinaCreatorChristina WonderReflexsorbet38 Kopie5 Kopie458112roadtripson roadbirdswinningthey ask me if i wanna study KopieLove10 min KopieHi my name is christinaneuCollage 1Met her in my dreamsIch liebe michstill life KopieBarcelona 2017Anna 9barcelona 210376302_10203044887697790_5150858255051382606_nstop blamingblack cats in your bedTrustBerlin18192439_10210604563724966_66876955123792976_oFarbeFlowersI changedDoorCry dogI don´t do handshakesA30A6665 KopieIMG_6631Centre PompidouIMG_6611same old shitA30A6732 KopiesamoA30A6685A30A6665 KopieA30A9917 Kopie58Neu 149625into doorsinto door bellsIMG_6608IMG_6609 Kopie419 KopiebirdsParis 7sad girls dont cryA30A6749 Kopiebloody maryA30A6674A30A6781A30A6785Centre Pompidoua30a3082all-i-had-to-kopieimg_4499-kopiedont-bother-mea30a9430-kopie-2img_3988-kopiea30a1821-kopieimg_4482-kopiea30a9872-2-kopiearchitecture-mumbai-kopiecant-buy-a-house-in-heavencan-someone-reach-younew-passport-janinastreet-london_7-kopiestreet-london_8-kopieausschnitt-kind-kopie-2a30a4250-kopiea30a1765-kopiea30a1821-kopieimg_0087-kopieberlin_6-kopiearchitektur-brucke-indien-kopieberlin_1-kopie-2a30a3751-kopiebird-kopiestreet-london_1-kopiestreet-london_10farisimg_0041-kopie-2head-is-the-futureausschnitt-215591425_10209512573425891_7744785675237982067_o15723696_10209512573345889_5503481339098474868_oa30a9859-kopiea30a9851-kopiea30a0349-kopie-2adiam-_23you-cant-break-the-law-with-empassbildmy-love-is-like-a-feather-like-a-featherblood-in-blood-outdo-you-like-me-kopiespeak-it-out-whyreflexionneu-kopie1560417_10202011922514306_1016206922_n-kopiea30a8353-kopiea30a7882-kopiea30a6922-kopie-kopiea30a7278-kopie-kopiea30a9233-kopie-kopiea30a0438-kopiea30a7283-kopiea30a6922-kopiehw-_24hw-_23hw-_13hw-_12hw-_11hw-_9a30a8776-kopieneumumbaiimg_5513a30a3093-kopiea30a3091-kopiea30a3091-kopiea30a1811-kopiea30a1536-kopiea30a1811-kopiethessaloniki-2016-kopiefuck-you-you-kopieimg_7574mumbai-close-up-kopieberlin_13-kopie-2berlin_12-kopieberlin283-kopieimg_5012-kopie-2a30a7608street-kopiestreet-london_10street-london_8-kopieimg_7563-kopiea30a4768-kopiea30a8436-kopiea30a9010-kopiea30a9815-kopiea30a9448-kopiea30a9559-kopiea30a9399-kopiea30a9695-kopiea30a9767-kopiea30a9340-kopiea30a9339-kopiea30a9042-kopiea30a9086-kopiegot-to-do-it-my-own-wayme-toofuck-art-kopiea30a9268-kopieimg_7587img_7581img_7576img_1592img_1585img_1584img_1589img_1586a30a9418-kopiea30a8420-kopiea30a9413-kopieberlin_9-kopiea30a8408-kopieausschnitt-afavoritekarina-15josiea30a9072-kopiea30a9078-kopiea30a8984-kopiefaris-baby-_10faris-baby-_11smiledas-ist-pura30a7750indien-detail-neujunge-wasser-neu

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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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„new world idea, perspective, mind changing.“

„a poet“


is someone willing to share words, speak his / her truth.

if there are different styles to write, there are of course.

different ways to express.

different ways to learn and use it creatively.

„a philosopher“ is sharing wisdom with the world.

„a teacher“ is willing to pass knowledge and repeat the information.

„a human being is experiencing painful lessons in order to choose and decide. a human being can decide to choose light or shadows or both.“ 

„a woman is judged anyway. a guy is not allowed to cry. we are all soldiers at the end.“

„working for the systems means , following rules of course. if you have boss you have a boss.“

working out of society means „I am willing to die alone. I am willing to travel if necessary. I am willing to be judged as a Wulf. I am willing to let go of materialistic ideas. I am willing to die for those I love. I am willing to change in order to succeed. I am willing to stay strong. I am willing to overcome fears and hate and jealousy. I am willing to return to myself. I am willing to speak. I am willing to feel scared. I am willing to die alone. I am willing to loose. I am willing to choose risk for hope.“

„working for humanity means willing to see the struggles behind every human and every human as his own world view. my world view is „I am willing to forgive in order to start again. I am willing to write as a good poet would say „get on the chair and speak louder. don´t be afraid of the word battle.“ 

„working as an actor means „big discipline and concentration and peace of mind, too“. 

„working as an singer means „emotions and a big thinking process.“ 

„working as an painter means „willing to keep silence and paint all the information.“ 

„being a tourist / a travel photographer means „travel the world to get an idea of what is happening in another country. in another part of this world. go there and see. not just for instagram, for your own „new“ worldview..“

„it´s okay. I am willing to forgive you. because I still know who I am. I am willing to fight for all of us. Because I was born to do so. And I am tired. But this is a part of my biggest process.“