Do more things you love, do more things you are afraid of. Test it. Feel it. Experience it. Figure it out. 

Leave your comfort zone.

In order to change. And plan your next steps.

Little or big ones. I am working on a new book right now. And I am grateful for all the opportunities coming my way. I don´t say I am leading, I don´t say I am better I just stay true to my character and soul and say I am living and sharing my truth.

I was born to be the person I am today.

As you are born to be the person you are right now.

It was challenging and painful to become who I am. I believe it was hard for you, to keep pushing yourself and keep hoping and I believe that you´ve been through shit, as well.

But it was all worth it. You know why? This is how growth feels like.

We fail and we stand up again. And we are able to prove ourselves that we are enough. That we can if there is will.

I am great. And no one will ever till me different.

I am a great, loving and a fighting woman. I fight for a better future.

I don´t allow negativity to destroy my joy and gratitude. We are all seeking for happiness. For our own acceptance.

But it starts right here and right now.

No status, No money.

It is our inner attitude. It depends on our mindset.

It depends on how we look at things.

Negative thinking is not productive. 

And optimism is a lie. What is interesting? What´s the third perspective?

„How can I reach it, How can I become joyful, How can I become creative, How?“

Human pain is natural.

It´s starts with the way you think about yourself and others. If you are happy with the person you see in the mirror, you can be really proud of who you are right now.

Its not even about the job. It´s about your attitude first of all.

 That´s the realest success and the biggest success.

Let go of people who want you to be different and let go of people who can´t love you the way you already are.

You can not make another person love you.

It´s not possible.

Either they do or not.

If someone makes u feel less, If someone talks negative towards you and try to keep you down, if someone laughs about your pain and leaves when you are weak and feel bad, you got to be brave enough to close the door behind you and choose : yourself.

Live your truth and focus on a better future.

Make the best out of your situation.

Imagine yourself in a situation that inspires you and makes you feel good.

Self-Respect means: I treat ohers respectful and I treat myself with respect. 

Self-Love means: I accept others as they are and I accept myself as I am right now. 

Self-Forgiveness means: I apologize to myself for false thinking and for painful thinking about myself and forgive others for treating me wrong.

You decide if you want to continue, you decide if it´s time to say „Bye“

You are able to fell in love with yourself and the life you are living right now. 

Nothing will ever makes your happier if you are not able to feel and appreciate yourself right now.

There is no luck.

I believe in hard work.

If you are looking for success, start with your own mindset. 

Reflect on yourself and on your personal decisions.

Stop blaming others.

Guilt is not the answer.

Change the words in your mind and start pushing yourself, start motivating yourself and allow yourself to find inspiration. Stop waiting for ideas. Read the books. Listen to the masters of whatever. Stop waiting for someone to help you. You are not a victim.

Stop looking at the world as a victim.

Your life is meant for you to be lived. 

Optimist are liars.

„You will be fine.“

„How can you know?“ 

I say: Do the best out of your situation.

Opportunities are always mixed with difficulties.

Nothing is easy. But it could always be worse. 

So stop waiting for another person to lift you up. 

Be your own mentor and motivate yourself as good as possible.

You are not a victim.

We are still here. And we are living our truth.

And we decide how we want to treat ourselves and how we want to treat others.