„i am not putting myself in a box just to make other women feel comfortable or sure about themselves. i don´t go there. women try me still to much. i am living my truth. i am a loyal person. i am trustful. and if u are afraid of who i am, you might have something to hide about yourself. that´s it. i want peace. i am great because i know my road has been heavy and i don´t go back there. i am here now and i feel good and balanced. my self healing was based on my mindset. you know? i wanted to heal my depression and i started 8 years ago and it was hardcore but it was worth the ride so. without medicaments it´s hardcore. but i was to curious to explore and figure it out for my personal reasons. i´ve started writing a few  years ago. it´s a part of my art. and i know that so many people started working creatively and so many people got inspired by my personal process. and i am grateful to spread the love through creativity. i stay true to myself. i don´t fuck around. no time to waste right now. i don´t act like i am the best. no. i am just myself. and my family knows me well and my loyal friends know me for a long time and i don´t expect sympathy or anything. i don´t have to prove you who i am. i don´t have to prove that i am good. i don´t. so.“