free healing word(s).

give us strength , give us deep peace, thank you for this opportunity to be on this earth.

may we continue to grow in your light and love.

tomorrow may we be better.

thank you for your presence in our lives.

let me see revealed the depth and power of my true self.

more tolerant and less judgmental.

more one with myself and others.

do what we can not.

lift us up.

remove us from our darkness.

may we have faith and not be temped to forgot your power and your love.

we thank you for our minds and for our bodies.

please give us hope.

please give us peace.

we are willing to rise to let go all false thinking.

we wish to be free.

we accept your healing.

we accept your love.

what is not love is fear.

thank you for this day.

(Words inspired by Marainne Williamson)