golden soul.

life is like a big big big puzzle. 

i see life as my biggest adventure. 

i understand my past.

this is liberating.

my soul is my best friend.

and now i am focusing and designing my future.

i always said „i´ve changed“ 

but actually „i returned to myself step by step by step“

and i promised myself that i won´t waste my energy and time on „liars who are not willing to heal“ 

i won´t.

i stay woke.

i am fighting for a better future.

my will is good.

i am serving many people.

i love to help.

i love to ask you questions.

i am so curious to listen.

i am generous.

but i am not your slave.

what do you want?

power or respect?

i choose self – respect.

and i will always speak my truth. 


things I´ve learned from caroline…

blaming others will take you out of your presence …

choose to get up everyday and bless your day and just because you are… just because you still are …

liar´s don´t heal …

an honest person who eats catfood will go further than a liar.

we are born  knowing that choice is powerful.

most powerful.

people are terrified of making choices. terrified of the consiquences.

I am going to make my choices according to what I say – I believe.

I´m gonna walk the way I talk.

I´m not gonna compromise myself.

I am not gonna betray myself.