spiritual gangster.

one of my most favorite actors on this planet is „Robert De Niro“…

he is authentic and he is able to play any role with such an powerful, empathic sensitivity and I adore and respect him for his grounded persona in real life.

he reminds me on my father…

we used to watch classic mafia movies togehter.

he was fascinated with these movies.

„goodfellas, casino, donnie brasco, the godfather…“

I guess most men are into that kind of movies…

my father was lookin´up to „Robert De Niro“… my grandfather reminded me of one of those mafia guys / characters in „godfather“.

that´s where my inspiration came from –  to call myself “ spiritual gangster“.

I am fascinating by darkness as a personality that´s why my work seems dark … coming from this family with these different characters but mostly dominating, strong men and at the same time equal inspired to follow my light as a spirit and as woman like all these innocent, strong believing and caring, hard working, loving and loyal women in my family.


christina dimitra



visual Epiphany

she has a beautiful soul.

she is braver than I thought.

her mindset is big

her mindset is strong.

watching her living her life is mysterious and fun.

experiencing her is frightening and moving at the same time. 

she wakes you up.

she is teaching you.

you will experience pure love or you try to find a way to deny. 

she decided to come into this material world to inspire others to become,

the metamorphosis of a new awareness,

that is just known by some.








Christina Dimitra, 3rd of May 2018